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Eagle Dental Management offers a wide range of services to meet your needs
Eagle Dental Management: What We Do
We’re In the Business of Group Dental Practice Growth

The dental industry is undergoing a consolidation in which larger firms are looking to capture market share through the acquisition of smaller specialty and general dentistry practices. An excellent opportunity for exponential growth in the chaos surrounding these mergers is at your fingertips, and Eagle Dental Management is ready to extend its unique skillsets to help you and your group's practice capitalize at the exact, opportune time.

If you are looking to eventually sell your practice to fund retirement, we can structure a dental practice acquisition using a combination of traditional finance and seller finance to over-finance the entire acquisition. As sale prices decrease from a market flooded with retiring practices from the baby-boomer generation, acting now is key. Our key services and partnerships extend just what you need to provide a start-to-finish, turn-key solution to revving up practice revenue and profit to fund your eventual liquidation event beyond expectation.

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Who We Work For
  • General Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Endodontists
  • Oral Surgeons
  • Prosthodontists
  • Pediatric Dentists
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Practice Operations

Practice operations are inextricably linked with your clinical practice – they are complementary aspects of a dental enterprise that must function in absolute agreement and coordination like a well-oiled machine. There isn’t a dentist alive who isn’t painfully aware of this fact…yet how many dental offices actually operate this way, day in and day out?

Perhaps a single practice with an owner dentist present every day/all day actually approaches seamless operation…but when a group has multiple locations and the leadership can’t be everywhere at once, how do you make sure everything is working as it should?

Eagle Dental Management professionals have the expertise at all levels of management that will enable your teams to develop the policies, procedures and systems that produce predictable, repeatable results.

Depending on your existing capabilities, we can provide assistance with recruiting qualified team members, audit your existing methodologies and practices, coach up your office managers and team members, and transition your operations to a performance-driven organization.

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An accurate, timely accounting system, including daily bookkeeping, monthly financial reporting, weekly cash flow analyses and accounts receivable tracking, is perhaps the most critical aspect of measuring business performance and ensuring the longevity and growth of your group.

Measuring how well you’re doing by keeping an eye on how much money in your bank account may have worked up to a point for solo practices in the past, but successful, growth dental enterprises require a more robust approach to financial management.

Depending on your existing capabilities, Eagle Dental Management can recommend upgrades to your systems and team, develop new administrative procedures that feed accurate and timely information into your accounting systems, or serve as your outsource provider for all of your accounting needs.

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Revenue Cycle Management

As you’ve undoubtedly become aware in your years in practice, your work at the chair doesn’t count for much if you aren’t charging competitively priced fees, obtaining as much reimbursement from insurance payers as possible or properly billing and collecting at the front desk.

Eagle Dental Management’s Revenue Cycle Management program addresses every aspect of this critically important function for your group -- including fee schedule optimization, insurance reimbursement rate negotiation, interactions with patients and collection practices -- to ensure that your group optimizes the dollars brought in for the clinical work performed.

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Human Capital Management

The productivity of your dental practice, be it a solo office, a multi-site group or an emerging DSO, relies on each and every one of your team members to perform at their best, every day.

Your team interfaces directly with your patients – typically more than the dentists do -- they perform all administrative functions as well as clinical support…are they performing as they should? Do their personal and professional concerns become the entire office’s concerns, become your concerns?

Depending on your existing capabilities, Eagle Dental Management can assume any and all aspects of managing your human resource needs, from recruiting and on-boarding to training, performance management and payroll and benefits management.

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Marketing & Advertising

The days of relying only on favorable word-of-mouth reviews and conventional websites with stock photos are effectively over – marketing your practice/group in today’s competitive marketplace requires greater investment and effort in establishing a unique and compelling presence in local/offline, online and mobile venues.

Eagle Dental Management can develop a comprehensive marketing program that invests your marketing spend effectively, creates a distinctive impression of your practice that distinguishes it in the market and attracts the right kinds of patients for your group.

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Compliance & Regulation

During these times more than ever, compliance with evolving health and safety codes is critical to assuring your team members and patients that they should have no concerns about working or receiving treatment in your offices. In the “new normal,” no practice can afford to have compliance handled as an afterthought.

Eagle Dental Management is fully knowledgeable of all aspects of compliance and regulation requirements in the dental practice environment, from PPE procurement to infection control methodologies to team training and patient education. We can ensure that your offices operate fully within the guidelines mandated or otherwise recommended by the ADA, CDC and OSHA to protect your team, patients and practice from COVID-19 and other infection, occupational and safety concerns.

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Information Technology & Systems

Your information technology and systems are the central nervous system of your practice, without which your clinical and administrative functions simply cannot operate. Discerning what is the appropriate level of investment necessary to properly serve the needs of your existing and growing practice requires expertise in an arcane, ever-changing subject area never covered in dental school, considerable upfront investment capital in non revenue-producing equipment, and continuous monitoring and maintenance expense.

Eagle Dental Management can guide you through the decision process to ensure that your infrastructure can properly support your needs, is HIPAA compliant with security protection and data backup, and is expandable to accommodate your expanding needs as your dental group evolves.

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Equipment & Property Management

State- of-the-art-equipment increasingly has become a differentiator in the minds of patients in determining which practice to patronize. The question becomes which technologies truly draw patients and generate a return on investment to justify such expenditures.

Maintenance and repair of your existing and newly acquired dental equipment, as well as the upkeep of your physical office space, too often is an overlooked task – until the inevitable problem arises to interrupt your day, costing your business lost production revenue and excessive expense.

Eagle Dental Management will ensure that preventive maintenance schedules are kept, repairs are made as quickly as possible and your practice continues with as few interruptions as possible.

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Strategic Planning

Dental practices don’t become successful dental groups and evolve into DSOs by simply bolting on additional locations with borrowed money. A group of some size can be assembled quickly that way, but a collection of practices without the underpinnings of a sustainable enterprise more often results in an amassing of problems that are more difficult to resolve or divest than they were to collect.

Sustained, profitable growth requires discipline to a strategic plan:

  • Establishing the proper legal structure
  • Scaling the infrastructural capabilities to support expanded multi-site operations
  • Developing centralized functions to provide effective administrative functions across a growing platform
  • Creating business intelligence capabilities to continuously monitor performance and provide feedback regarding the business
  • Developing true leadership capabilities at the office, regional and senior levels
  • Obtaining significant amounts of capital to finance the investment in acquired or newly built locations, purchase new technologies and equipment, expand the infrastructural support, fund marketing campaigns and a host of other requirements as the enterprise grows in size and complexity.

Eagle Dental Management can provide the expert advice, the financing and the direct involvement where necessary to enable your group to evolve from its current operations to realize whatever aspirations you may have for your dental enterprise.

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Strategic Business Partners
Strategic Partnerships in Growth & Innovation

Eagle Dental Management works with several strategic partners in varying industries that match our level of growth and innovation. We only align ourselves with the “best in the business” to ensure your practice has a leg up in every imaginable regard.

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